5 Ways of Improving the User Experience of your Blog


We all love our blogs. You want your blog to be on the top of Alexa ranking, Google ranking etc. You want more visitors and RSS feed subscription. In a single sentence, you want your blog to be the best in its niche.

Here are 5 ways that can make your blog the best and take it to the top order.

• Minimal design is the winner

What is minimalism design?

From a user’sperspective, they want a simple, easy to navigate layout.”It’s not easy to complete a study of successful minimalism. For starters, the more effective examples there are of “minimalism in action,” the less material there is for us to study. Nevertheless, minimalism is a guiding aesthetic behind some of today’s best websites.” UXBooth.comhttp://www.uxbooth.com/blog/effective-minimalism-in-experience-design/

Kiss [Keep it simple and stupid] theory is the best way, to describe a minimal design. Good design, with good amount of white space and minimal use of graphical elements, like icons, make a great design. Overall we have to provide a great reading experience, to our visitors.

• Writing readable Content

Content is the king. We all know this. To make a blog successful, we have to come up with great content. If your blog content is not easy to read and understand, then you will easily lose your reader. The content of your blog can either make youthe superstar, in the blogger arena or can drown your blog.

• Choose Your Niche

Who is your blog audience?

A great question but the answer is not known to many. For example, I want this blog of Problog Branding to be dedicated to all the people, who want to learn about blogging andwordpress, as blog software and everything related to building a blog. Now if I write an article about “How to cure your obesity!” then it will be out of the niche of my blog and the audience of our blog won’t like it. In return, we will losevisitors.

We should always stick to our niche or subject of blog and write articles according to that only.

• Length of your post

Short and sweet, that is what you need to keep in mind when writing a blog post. You don’t want to kill the attention of your users and put them off to sleep, with your blog post. Thus, you need to write your blog post keeping its length in mind. Write high-quality, error-free and informative blog content. For example, I’m trying to keep this post short, but trying to provide as much information as possible, so that you will not lose on your time but get informed at the same time.

The point is that a post must be able to convey its message and the aim, to its respective audience. Remember, a blog is not medium to write a thesis, but a platform to make the users know about your products, services or get access to valuable information, tips, advices and guides.

• Kill the content with Abbreviations

Avoid complex jargon and industry abbreviations, unless addressing experts only. Writing simple and easy to understand log content is the key to its success. Including too many abbreviations, will only make your readers exclaim ‘LOL’ Laugh-Out-Loud!
Make use of the above points, and see your blog posts grabbing the attention of your users and helping providing you with successful results!

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